Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm in a RETRO mood.

This card I made for my mom. My mom is so super crafty, there is nothing she can't do or at least give it a try. I remember when I was little, about eight or nine years old, if you could find a yard of fabric you were blessed never mind a piece of elastic. I'll spare you the details, it's was a long time ago.

It's funny the things we remember. When I was making this card for my mom, I remembered when we were little, she sewed all our clothing. She sewed not like we do now, as a hobby , but out of necessity. She made our undies, yes our undies. She had no elastic so she would do a band around the waist, like a drawstring with the same material. The undies had a slit on the side and then we would tie a little bow with the tiny band and it worked.

I also remembered my ORANGE DRESS. The fabric was cotton and very comfortable. It had no sleeves and it opened in the back with snaps that started on the back of the neck. It gathered at the waist and it had an embroidery design in the front that she did by hand in orange too. The embroidery design was of little girl with a stick and a streamer at the end of the stick. It look like the child was playing with the wind. I remember every little detail of this dress. I had a love hate relationship with it. I loved it because my mom made it so neat and pretty and you could see and feel the love she put into it. But, I hated it cause I wore it for an entire year and it was the same dress that I wore on my trip to the states.

My mom would hand wash it, along with my white Keds, it would air dry over night and I would wear it again the next day. I don't remember the color of my sister's dresses, but I sure remember mine. I'm happy to say that my life long dislike for the color Orange is long gone, I have a new found love affair with the color Orange now.

Till this day I still remember the first time my mom and us stepped inside a Minnesota Fabric store in Chicago. We thought we died and went to heaven.
Making this card for my mom brought all those memories back. I love my mom and all she's done for us. I'm so blessed to have her!


  1. Ciao Marlene la tua scheda per la mamma è stupenda condivido con te l'amore per la madre , ti seguo con piacere le tue creazioni sono bellissime. Un abbraccio Marisa.

  2. Fabulous card. Love the retro look.

  3. Marlene, I love this story, it needs to be told over and over because it shows a mothers devotion to her children and of the struggles in life. She created wonderful women, strong like her! God bless your momma. Please tell her how much I admire her! =D Janet


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