Sunday, October 24, 2010


OK, I have a new LOVE. I LOVE making cards. I been wanting to try them for a while now, but had no idea how to start. So I purchased this wedding invitation kit that had the background card stock and I used that. I went at it and this is what I came up with. FUN.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Hey guys guess who is caming to Florida?????? Ms. Marion Smith her self, she will be teaching some classes in a store in nothern Florida on Nov. 19 and 20. check it out HERE. I was planing our scrapbooking party at my place on the 20th BUT....... Is anyone up for a little trip??


You can find these bottles at thrift shops, garage sales or your fridge. Salad dressing bottles will do. Just go to town with them. They can be embellished with lace, paper, tags, metals, plastic, beads, charms, flowers, you get the idea. Take a peek at my latest vid for some ideas, HERE.
I'll be hosting this swap over at "Your Paper Pantry" HERE come sign up and be part of the fun.

Scrapbooking Expo in West Palm.

This was my first expo and I had so much fun. I was told it was a small expo but, I loved it. Found tons of goodies and had a blast with the girls.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


After pondering with the idea that I wanted to do some videos on YouTube, I have to admit I was very hesitant, but I wanted to make that creative connection with other crafters. I started with my blogging and soon jumped into YouTube. I was inspired by this wonderful community of very talented ladies that share the same love for crafting/scrapbooking as I do. Soon after, the connections began!

Our little reunion could not of happened at a better time. Every single one of us met through YouTube and I wanted to share with you, the positive side of YouTube land.
This outing started with Ms. Teriberi
making a vid about a haul at a local place, Scrapyland. I have been following Teri's beautiful work for a while and I had no idea she lived in my same city. Just a few weeks later we all got together there, at scrapyland

I'll let the pictures tell you the rest.......... What a FUN day!!!!!

Here we are with Dani, the owner, who was nice enough to open on a holiday just for us. Next is Ms. Artmingle Olga, who gave us ALL a gift certificate to the store, she is an amazing person! Ms. Yeya, the sweet Marelys and Ms. Kathryn the creator of that community we all LOVE.

Here we are exchanging the goodies we made for each other.

This is the beautiful Halloween tag that Kathryn made, just gorgeous. Thank you Kathryn.

Oh what fun! In the company of friends talking, laughing and shopping.

After Scrapyland, we did lunch. We still had a bit of shopping left in us so, Olga picked a restaurant next to Michaels. What a cleaver gal!

This is my partner in crime, we can talk each other into buying everything! Ms. Martica

These are some of the new friends, of course Ms. Teriberi , Ms. Mercy, Ms. Ana, Rita, Ms. Dragonmoom. One of these ladies, made the most delish milk and white chocolate cover pretzels, YUM! Was that you Mercy ? Love them, thank you.

Then we just had to work our lunch off, yes you guest it....... Michaels.

Check out YEYA'S super cute t-shirt, lets just say, she's earn it. Yeya owns EVERY Cricut cart there is, I've seen them.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My very own scraproom, WOOO HOOO !!!!!

Well, scrap area or scrap closet ???? Who cares It's all my own. After scrapping on top of my ironing board I feel so BLESS to finally have a designated area of my own, did I say, very own!
I live in small beautiful old home that I love. This is my first home and it will probably be my last too. I love my house, it's just right. But, like all old Florida homes, well they're small. It took some doing but I finally did it.

I took half of the laundry room as my scraproom. I just love how it turned out, actually it was very inexpensive to do, just a bit or work. Most of the furniture and shelving were from thrift stores, garage sales and just plain old junking. Actually now that I think about it, so is my entire home. TAKE A LOOK!

This is it, all 6 feet by 6 feet!!! Every inch is accounted for. Oh wait, I still have the ceiling.

This cart is the most functional thing in my scrap area, it holds just about EVERYTHING!
I think in function, task and some times in color. For example, I have a metal drawer, a plastic embellishment drawer and word drawer, you get the point. It works for me.

These I found while junking in Alabama with my sis, Dolly and my friend Beth. I LOVE LOVE junking in Alabama. I painted them the same color to give them a bit of unity, but I actually I found them in two different places and they were different colors. It's amazing what a little paint can do.

These are some of my stick pins, I love looking at them!

This little piece of art is one of my fav things in my scrap area. This beautiful canvas was given to me by my friend Wanda, isn't she great?

These are my fav bottles, look at them all dressed up.

I love dressing up my bottles, these I found at my local Good Will for a few dollars.

My version of the clip it up. This use to be a little jewelery display stand.

This beautiful vintage card frame was made by my friend Martica, her take on vintage is amazing!

These doors lead to the other half of the laundry room, by having these doors I created a complete different area for my scrap space. I put some wire racks, that I picked up at Pier One and I use that space to display some of my atcs and tags swaps goodies.

I love looking at my fancy ribbons, trims and vintage button collection so much, that I use them as part of my decor, plus it makes a great conversation piece.

This cart use to be a coffee station, I sanded it, primed and painted and now is a crisp clean shade of white and it's perfect for my Cricut, Gypsy, Slice and Cuttlerbug. In the wire basket drawer I keep my punches and distressing tools. This is perfect cause I can wheel it right into my scrap area.

This is where I keep my paper, this piece of furniture is in my living room, but no one knows what's in it.

This is how I store most of my ribbons and fibers. This is a display stand I had from my shop actually I had two and now I wish I would of kept the other one. You can see I'm running out of room.