Tuesday, October 12, 2010


After pondering with the idea that I wanted to do some videos on YouTube, I have to admit I was very hesitant, but I wanted to make that creative connection with other crafters. I started with my blogging and soon jumped into YouTube. I was inspired by this wonderful community of very talented ladies that share the same love for crafting/scrapbooking as I do. Soon after, the connections began!

Our little reunion could not of happened at a better time. Every single one of us met through YouTube and I wanted to share with you, the positive side of YouTube land.
This outing started with Ms. Teriberi
making a vid about a haul at a local place, Scrapyland. I have been following Teri's beautiful work for a while and I had no idea she lived in my same city. Just a few weeks later we all got together there, at scrapyland

I'll let the pictures tell you the rest.......... What a FUN day!!!!!

Here we are with Dani, the owner, who was nice enough to open on a holiday just for us. Next is Ms. Artmingle Olga, who gave us ALL a gift certificate to the store, she is an amazing person! Ms. Yeya, the sweet Marelys and Ms. Kathryn the creator of that community we all LOVE.

Here we are exchanging the goodies we made for each other.

This is the beautiful Halloween tag that Kathryn made, just gorgeous. Thank you Kathryn.

Oh what fun! In the company of friends talking, laughing and shopping.

After Scrapyland, we did lunch. We still had a bit of shopping left in us so, Olga picked a restaurant next to Michaels. What a cleaver gal!

This is my partner in crime, we can talk each other into buying everything! Ms. Martica

These are some of the new friends, of course Ms. Teriberi , Ms. Mercy, Ms. Ana, Rita, Ms. Dragonmoom. One of these ladies, made the most delish milk and white chocolate cover pretzels, YUM! Was that you Mercy ? Love them, thank you.

Then we just had to work our lunch off, yes you guest it....... Michaels.

Check out YEYA'S super cute t-shirt, lets just say, she's earn it. Yeya owns EVERY Cricut cart there is, I've seen them.


  1. OMG I LOVE THESE PICTURES!!!!! I had so much fun that day. Thank you so much for posting them Marlene!!! Hugs, T

  2. THese came out so cool girl.....We sure had a blast!!!!!

  3. You are officially Mama Razzi !!!! I LOVE ALL THE PHOTOS ! WE did have a great time. Hope to do again soon ! Thanks so much for sharing ! I really appreciate your friendship ! Muah !!!!!!!

  4. Looks like fun times!!! Thanks for sharing!


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