Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm sooo excited !!!!! My very first mini.

Just wanted to share this so yummy mini I made for my sister. I use all my favorite girlie colors, pink, white, yellow and touches of green. I had sooo much fun experimenting with everything.
What I did and strongly recommend to anyone new to scrapbooking like me, is to get on You Tube.
I took lots and lots of notes. Made a shopping list, I had nothing. I was soooo very nervous when I started. But now I'm hooked, I LOVE IT!!! My goodness, there are so many amazingly talented ladies out there, god bless them all. Thank you for sharing !!!
I did miss a local scrapbooking retreat with a a very sweet lady name Damaris. She is with Scrapbook Designs Unlimited, go look, sooooo cute a must see....
I saw the pics from her blog and it looks like they had a bast!! They looked toooo cute with the aprons, I can tell Damaris worked very hard, it showed. Well I'm soooo not missing this event next year!!!

I'm new to this blogging thing, don't think I've hooked up my e-mail tab yet. But need all the suggestions and ideas I can get. They are greatly appreciated!!!!!!


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