Friday, November 21, 2014

They're ready for the craft fair.

This is my sister and our friend Beth's booth all set up for the annual craft fair. These ladies work really hard for this event and it shows. I help a little, the banner hanging from the table to the right on this first picture was my contribution. They usually sell out and I hope they do too this year. Have fun tomorrow at the fair.    

          I also helped by making these little tin tree ornaments, you can't hardly see them but they're there.

                                                                   I love these, so cute.

                                                 He's a military Santa, love him, his beautiful.

      These are rag banners, I need to make some for me. I love them, I see them on Pinterest all the time.

                                        OMG this advent is so beautiful, what a great idea.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mom's been crocheting.

I went to visit my mom today. We didn't  do any gardening because it's been raining all day. I did take some pictures of her cute little herb garden that I will share latter. I had asked my mom, a while back, to make me a cover for an old but very useful hot water bottle. I had seen the idea on Pinterest and I showed it to her. She had no patter to go by, just made it up as she went along. She made me matching slippers, so cute. I love the soft pink flowers and the leaves.  Well she kept going and now we can't stop her, she's made some for everyone. I think they are adorable. My mom is amazing, there's nothing she can't do. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

My new garden journal.

I made this super cute garden journal a few weeks back and I have used it over and over again. I've been working rally hard on my garden and this will help me keep track of it all again. I made the garden journal with basically scraps of papers and little things I had laying around. I think it turned out so sweet and want to keep it like this but, it's already all dirty. It is a garden journal after all. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014


    OK soap box time, you've been warned. I just saw this beautiful picture of a gorgeous new resort in my native Cuba, one of the world's last communist regimes. Maybe built and backed by some middle eastern interest group, of course using another name, who knows. A country where peaceful demonstrators, independent journalists and human right activists are persecuted, tortured, jailed and vanished on a regular basis. But I guess if you stay in one of these resorts you won't see much of that. By the way, a Cuban citizen can not even put a foot in the door here. Me for one, will never give a penny of my hard earned US dollar to this dictator and tyrant that continues to rape a country and it's people. While of course blaming all the misery of the Cuban people to the " Imperialist Yankees" and it's supposed embargo. Don't get me started the embargo crap, that's another joke
    It saddens me so when I see other Cubans reminiscing about the old Cuba. But, I believe that Cuba is gone, berried under the rubble of an oppressor and his stupid supporters that have no morals and love of God. I guess that also happens in other oppressed countries too, but since I'm Cuban..... I love what I have become, I was borne in Cuba and I love that. Cuba gave me my amazing parents, family, culture, music and of course food. I can eat a cheeseburger along with black rise and beans. I can listen to Kiss and Celia Cruz. I think of myself as a tree that God created, my roots are Cuban but the tree is all USA baby. I thank God for this amazing country that opened it's doors to my family and to my father that had the forethought to get us out. How do you repay that ??? By thanking God every day, by loving and respecting this country. By contributing to society and by defending and loving the "Yankees".
    As for me I will never go to Cuba until It's FREE. Time for lunch, maybe a Cuban Sandwich, lol.   

Monday, November 10, 2014

Special day at our home today.

Today is November 10th, 2014. We're celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary and my birthday, what a blessing. Yes, we got married on my B-Day and I feel it makes this day extra special and unique. I'm turning 54 and loving it. I started the day doing  an early spinning class with my sweet friend Teresa. Hubby took the day off, we're going to relax and then dinner and a movie, I'm a simple girl.  Now I can't wait to use my Hobby Lobby gift cards, he know me well.   

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Your ATC store kit for November.

This is the ATC that I created with the November kit from YOUR ATC STORE.This was a super fun kit with the cutest accessories. This is is FREE with a purchase from the store.  

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New fall vignetts.

Challenging my self this year to use what I already have. I'm in love with that lovely flower on the bottom. It's a napkin ring and I only found one, last year after sale.  The little mirror bottom tray is my favorite , thank you Beth I love it.  

These are my collection of junky pearls that I use on projects. I thought of putting all together in this vase and I like it, I get to see them.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Working on some mixed media backgrounds.

It's been raining for days here in Miami, defensively indoor weather. I have missed working in the garden, so the next best thing for me is playing with my paints. I decided to work on some backgrounds for my journals. I'm usually working on more than one journal at a time. This beautiful tissue paper was used to wrap some goodies a sweet friend just gave me. The minute I saw it I new I was going to use it in a journal, some how. I hope I don't eventually cover it up so much with layers of paint that I won't be able to see the pretty polka dot colors.   

  I also worked on some mail art. Once they are done I just cover the address area in white Gesso and now they're good to go.

  Some of my favorite tools, bubble wrap and house hold items. With all the fancy tools I have, these are still my favs.