Sunday, October 23, 2016

New coloring books.

I'm hooked on these coloring books, it's so relaxing. Not sure if I shared the one about the chickens, I love that one. I'm going to color a few of them, going to frame them and give them to my sister to put inside her chicken coop. How cool would that be. Have to put some kind of sealer on them, so they'll last for a little bit. I think this cup is so cute, I found it at the mall. Got two, one for my artsy niece and one for me, I love it.

                                                Can't wait to color this page, adorable.


                                                This one I found in the same store, so cute.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Blogging hiccups.

Sorry bloggie friends, we have been having some problems with a new antivirus that hubby installed into mine and his computer.  I think the antivirus was a virus, lol. Thanks to the all the sweet friends that have contacted me because they can't comment here. We're working on it, hopefully we'll get things back to normal soon. Thank you, I love all sweet comment and look forward to them.  

Garden walk in October.

Not much going on in the garden, there are a few things still blooming and they add such a pop of color. This month I mainly been cleaning up and pruning as much as I can. Hopefully it will get cooler soon, I'm planing to do some pressure cleaning. I don't know why but I look forward to pressure cleaning projects. It leaves everything so clean and new looking.    

                                                I just love the lazy look of Spanish Moss.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Happy planner in the house.

After looking into all the planners out there now, I decided to go with the Happy Planner from Michael's. I love the size of it and the cheerful beautiful colors. This will replace my appointment book, which is my everyday planner,  a I love it.
I found these gorgeous solid gold tone pens at Staples, so beautiful.   

                                         Picked up some extra dividers packets, so gorgeous.

I also picked up another personal size planner from Michael's. They're inexpensive and so darn cute. They're kinda small for what I'm use to. I've always worked with a calendar planners, actually it's an appointment book for my clients. They're huge and you have so much room for notes and stuff. Getting use to these little personal planners will be a challenge.  So I think I'm going to conquer that by keeping one planner to a task. So far the Robin's egg blue one it's going to be meal planning only. This new gold one will be my financial planner. These are the two main areas that I really need help keeping up with.

 Loving the belly band and the note pads I've had for a while. The emoji paper clips are new at Michael's, I think the're adorable.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Fabric, fabric, fabric.

This is one of my favorite things to do on rainy days, when I'm by myself and can spread out and make a mess. I love taking out bits of fabric, sometimes I just get a half a yard just because the're so pretty. I ironed every single one of these pieces, I like ironing. I saw a tutorial on YouTube on making fabric covers for journals, I think I'm going to it give it a try. I was trying to match contrasting fabrics that will work well together, but I think any combo will look nice.   

These fat quarters  I purchase from an Etsy seller last year. They're an October Afternoon inspired print, my favorite paper company of all. The "Fly a Kite" collection, has got to be the cutest paper collection ever, so I had to get the fabric too. If I do end up making the fabric journal covers, I  think a few pieces of the paper collection scattered throughout the journal would look so pretty. Just talking about it makes me want to get started.  

This fabric I got with the idea of covering my craft chair with it. But I think I'll use it as a fabric journal cover too. What is not to love about this adorable print.

All dolled up, cutie little art journals.

I totally forgot to post these here on the blog. These are the finished mini art journals that I put together out of our church handouts and pamphlets. In the inside they're  primed and prep, ready for the art to begin. To decorate the covers I mainly used supplies that I already had, you know, shop my stash. The jewelry pieces were broken, one of a kind little things that I can't seam to part with. The soft pink seam binding I tea died, with Avocado peels.  But, the tattered fabric strip has to be my favorite embellishment of all. I do need to make some more, this has to be the most creative fun I've had all year.   

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Organizing my recipes, just in time for baking season.

This project has been on my to do list for quite some time now. I'm on a mission to improve my not present cooking skills. Most of the recipes that I do have are for deserts and finger food. So I ended
 up consolidating them in 3 way, but I keep them in the same area. In this cute recipe book I keep thing I find in magazines, pictures and some notes. In the file folders I keep downloads, mostly things that my Jamo prints and wants to try and make. But my favorite has to be this cherry red faux leather recipe box. The way this box is finished with the stitched edging makes me happy. What's taking a bit longer is transferring my card recipes to their new home. But I have to admit, I'm enjoying revisiting those old recipes and remembering who gave them to me.  Those are recipes from friends that are always trying to help me out and the staple Cuban foods, that I should know about, lol. I'm loving the retro red, black and cuteness going on here, if you know what I mean.   

In love with these country farmhouse looking dish towels I picked up at Marshals. I got them for  my sister China, who actually lives in a little farm. I ended up picking a set for me too, just too cute to pass up. 

This one is my favorite, because I drive an old red Ford truck, lol. 

Not very well prepared.

We were so blessed, this was more of a hurricane drill than any thing else. But we did learned how unprepared we really are. We found out that we're short on some essential supplies. We're also missing some shutters and screws, just a few, but enough to have one expose window. It was a lot of work, specially for my hubby, those thing are so heavy. Not complaining at all, it was very sad what it did in the islands. After what happened down here in South Florida after hurricane Andrew, I have to admit, I'm very fearful of hurricanes.
The yard got a little messy and we lost a Papaya tree. The weight  was too much and with just a little wind it snapped. I gave so many away, no way we could eat all that. I do love them, delish. 

                                     These little ones we ended up throwing away, kinda sad.